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California Discrimination is both an information source for attorneys and a guide for anyone who believes he or she may have been the victim of unlawful discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination by a company doing business in the State of California.

Although the site is NOT intended to act as a substitute for legal consultation with an actual attorney, it may serve to focus your attention on the significant issues that need to be discussed with an attorney. If, after reviewing the summaries provided under the subject-headings below, you believe that you have been harassed, discriminated against, or wrongfully terminated, you may contact one of our attorneys via e-mail or telephone us for a free consultation. If you do not speak with one of our attorneys, however, you should speak with another attorney who is familiar with this area of law before making any decision regarding your situation. Please bear in mind that most, although not all, potential employment claims have a statute of limitations of one year. Therefore, you must act quickly to ensure that all of your legal rights are preserved.

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California Discrimination Law Attorneys Legal Advice
Feldman & Associates, based in los angeles, consist of california employment discrimination attorneys, lawyers who represent employees who are wrongfully terminated because of age, race, gender, disability, pregnancy, or their need for a family medical leave of absence
Not all discrimination and harassment are protected under the law. The general rule in California is that an employer may fire you for any reason, even an unfair one, or for no reason at all. This is called the �at-will� employment rule.
EXCEPTIONS to the �At�Will� Rule include:
California Labor Laws: Our attorneys, lawyers also specialize in Unpaid California overtime laws.
Discrimination because of your Race, Sex, Age, Religion, National Origin, Handicap, Physical or Medical Condition. Retaliation for complaining about unlawful harassment, discrimination or any other illegal activity. Express Contract: The �At-will� rule will not prevent you from recovering if you have a written or oral agreement with your employer which states that you will not be fired without good cause. Implied Contract: You may also recover if enough of the following factors are present in your situation.
General "harassment", like yelling, screaming, demeaning language, or unfair workload, is not "unlawful" if based merely on a personality conflict. Such conduct is only illegal if the harasser is motivated by animus against you based on some protected characteristic or classification. For example, if your supervisor makes racially or sexually offensive comments, or if he/she demeans and belittles you, but does not harass younger workers, those of a different gender, or of other races, you may have a harassment case. If, however, your boss treats everybody poorly, regardless of their race, sex, or age, you might not have a case.